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New place, new decor. Whereas in Aspen I tried to bring the beach into my home with painted driftwood, fun orange and sky blue accents, and flowered pillows, at the beach I’m trying to stick to pretty neutrals with pops of metallic and color in the small space I call home (my lil baby house, with an orange tree out front).

New sheets (brown plaid) pair with my older Nautica plaid quilt for an updated look.


Shoe rack holds all the heels I never got to wear in Aspen, in a small space.


Jewels displayed much the same way: an earring frame and necklace rope.


Basket of purses in the living room. When it’s a small space, use accessories as decor.


Indoor woven mat, mostly neutral with pops of glittery and bright fabric. The idea for the whole house.

Stay tuned for my DIY coffee table update …

2 comments for “Pieces

  1. gena
    February 12, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    You’re doing such a great job of creating a new ‘nest’! I especially love the rug – you could decorate your entire house around that as a focal point.

    Best of luck making this new space your new home!

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