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I have reviewed a sh*ton of products on this blog over the (gasp) 10 years of its existence. Below are some of my standbys, that I order again and again and again. Everything else has been removed.

Free, discounts, coupons, deals, and steals from my absolute faves:

  1. Paula’s Choice – my face (skincare) stuff since 2008. Get $10 off your first purchase. (written about here and here)
  2. Cameron Hughes – all the wine, especially their last two rosés. Get $25 off your first order. (see: here and here)
  3. GRACEDbyGRIT—Use code GBGXOPRO22 (written about here, here, and infinitely more)
  4. My fave everyday nerd computer glasses: 10% off Felix Gray at this link (written about here).
  5. Get $10 off your RAREFORM bag (I LOVE them) – here’s my blog post from 2014; I still love my backpack.
  6. ThriveMarket – a membership fee offset by the discounts. Get 15% off your first order.
  7. The best jeans of ever, from Athleta, 20% off with this link.


These sites are useful:


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