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Feel Good Friday 031017


The happiest soul! As I gratitude-listed last week, being back in Aspen made my soul happy, mostly because of my bestie and other friends there, but also because—gasp!—the mountains have won me over, they own my soul now. Fresh air, fresh snow, blue skies a color blue only found in Colorado … it’s all a…

I’m Happy.


My startup website turns three years old today! The plan was hatched as Nali and I were living in a 200-square-foot room in a B&B in Aspen, the website was formed and developed in my most favorite apartment ever in Aspen, and the site strategy, content, and audience continued to grow as I moved…

Feel Good Friday 011615 | Girlfriends


I spent 52 hours in Aspen last weekend, and I left feeling so incredibly grateful, refreshed, and grounded. I got to spend amazing quality time with some of my best girlfriends through pants-less couch time, fancy dinners, basement bars, hot tubs, lifts, bowl hiking, glasses of champagne, and skiing. We talked, laughed, commiserated, giggled, dreamed, schemed, flirted, danced, gave…


fingals cave

If you know me pretty well, you may laugh: I didn’t used to think I had wanderlust. Despite studying abroad in Madrid and transferring schools, I didn’t really realize how much I loved change and loved to travel until … I set it as a goal for the last year to travel less, to enjoy…