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Feel Good Friday 121412

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • SKIING! Getting better + loving Apres when you get to see everyone! Funny Sunday Funday…
  • Stolen Teej ski pants. So hot.
  • Friends are back!
  • Ryan and Amber are here! I love having guests in the cave.
  • Surprise phone calls.
  • Cigars.

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2 comments for “Feel Good Friday 121412

  1. Mr. Anonymous
    December 16, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    Bubbles!!! Big powder day with friends, hot tubs, and fun!
    – Visitors!
    – White Elephant and ugly sweater parties.
    – Love Love and an extremely amazing woman! She knows who she is…
    – Inspiring Tequila shots. Aspen makes me drink way too much though. haha
    – Juicing. I think it helped me fend off the local flu virus this year. (Knocking on wood)
    – Delish and fun meals around town.
    – Buying presents for loved ones.

    Thanks again for reminding me to be thankful of those things that make my life so special! Hopefully I can do the same for others.

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