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Super (Cheap) Workout Clothes!

***Some people are having issues with the discount code. If the landing page the links take you to doesn’t have your 20% coupon, it’s NOT working. Try typing in the URL, for some reason this is helping??***

I am too excited about this new, awesome service that sends you cheap workout clothes but of the surprise luxe (lululemon, nux, nike, adidas, lorna jane …) variety—top and bottom—for only $39.95!! It’s PVBody. This package arrived last week:


Super cute purple-blue Nux leggings and Nux tank. You can get 20% off with this link:

You fill out a style profile about what you like to do for exercise, wear, and sizing. They pick awesome combos and mail them to you. At a huge discount! They even take into account height and how the garments run, as they mailed my leggings in size large, even though my style profile asks for mediums.

20121108-161708.jpgI wore these to hot yin yoga, thinking I’d give them the awkward-sweat test in a mirrored environment so I could see exactly when and how they got awkward. They did show sweat, but held out quite some time and dried SUPER fast afterward without any sweaty stain lines. They also fit perfectly!

The top PVBody sent is a lime green Nux tank. I don’t wear tanks often (I don’t usually think they are flattering on me), nor do I wear lime green, but in the name of investigative reporting, I gave this top a spin. It’s comfy, and while tight, not altogether unflattering. Still, I’ll probably use it mostly as a layering piece—although Mara says it’s motivation 🙂 [she already joined pvbody! after I talked about her on the radio]


BUT, had I chosen to return it, PVBody has two—incredibly—free return options:

  • Refunds – must return BOTH apparel items for a refund within 14 days of delivery
  • Exchanges – request a different size and/or color or style of either item

Basically, you can’t lose. If you love new gear like I do, you’ll LOVE PVBody. Use this link for 20% off!! That’s $32 for a luxe top and bottom. Do it!

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  1. June 14, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    Great thank you so much for this, I am going to buy a top and a bottom too.

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