Singles Flock | Feel Good Friday 020918

We already knew last weekend was gonna be good, as the Sunday crew traded sand for (some) snow in Mammoth. But the singles flock—the 4 singles on the trip holding it down in the bunkroom and cruisin’ in the singles truck—got to enjoy the sweet, sweet victory of the Eagles in the Super Bowl. What a freakin’ game. And what a weekend, even with temps in the 60s the skiing was pretty great too (especially the native land the Billyssa Gash).

I got a(nother) new role at work, which is pretty exciting if a bit overwhelming.

It’s birthday week for one of my favorite people, and I could not contain my excitement as we Iced her—it involved the bromance she’s never met, my best friend, a phone call to my facebook girlfriend from the whiskey aisle in the Vons—it was everything I hoped for and more.

I celebrated a coal anniversary … which was hilarious.

I’m tackling a new training protocol: RPT. Pretty excited about it, it’s time to mix things up in the gym. Also still swearing by Smashwerx for rehab/mobility. And, believe it or not, adding stupid spin back into my routine (finally using the cycling shoes I bought TWO years ago…)

There’s so much to be grateful for!

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