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Only in SoCal … [sneaky compliment or insult edition]

People. Despite my sad real talk about moving, which is real, I’m also ridiculously happy here. So happy that I’m going to Compliment-or-Insult my new home … wait, let’s not lie. I’m going to insult it. There is craziness going down in Southern California, and it deserves to be called out, made fun of, and insulted. Behold:

A dive bar in Laguna charges a cover … I thought the two were mutually exclusive?

There’s a ferris wheel at mall …

There’s no street entrance to the 24 Hour Fitness gym, only a parking garage …

I have seen a Mullet truck TWICE. That is a giant-tire, jacked up front end with a lowered rear …

I have figured out where the man tank top trend came from man tank top … fat boys at the beach wanting to cover up! (although the boy pictured is clearly not fat) I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before. Girls have been doing it for awhile, why wouldn’t the fellas? Genius. (Also, haven’t seen this video yet? How to Dance Like You’re High on Life … same guys that made this tank top)


1 comment for “Only in SoCal … [sneaky compliment or insult edition]

  1. gena
    March 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    I see a potential book in the making ….

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