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How to Make a Tutu

delete<— You want this. Even if you didn’t know you wanted it before, now you do. Being able to make your own tutu gives you infinite options for costumes! It’s stupid easy.

All you need from the fabric store is tulle and elastic. There are all sorts of tulles, so you can mix colors and patterns. For this ‘merican tutu, I used 1 yard of star-spangled tulle (more expensive, $5/yd) and 3 yards of white tulle (cheap, $1/yd). You do NOT need to sew. No sew. No sew tutu. Srsly, it’s a tutu. Sewing is too much work.

This is how you do it (3 mins):

Basically, you cut strips. Tie strips on elastic. Bam. Tutu.

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