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HavaianasWomens-Havaianas41232252719390_large_PRODUCT_ANGLE_70644In the world of snow in May (Aspen), flip-flops are an afterthought, relegated to suitcases and gym showers. My once numerous collection (courtesy growing up in Austin, Texas) has dwindled to a mere ten pairs, none of which have been worn for several summers.

But with the impending move to the beach, flips-flops are back on the agenda … though for every day, I’m likely to be barefoot as often as I have shoes on. When havaianas contacted me and let me know about their new $1 flat rate shipping on all orders(!!), as well as the launch of the 2013 collection, I was excited to puruse the venerable flip-floppers’ new styles.

I instantly fell in love with the braided style at left—so Cali cool! Havianas launched in 1962 inspired by the Zori, and celebs almost instantly took to the simple rubber flops. Forget fancy, these are the real, sturdy deal. Travelers all over swear by them—yogi Ashley Turner recently mentioned that they’re the only shoes she’s packing for her India trip. The “slim” style with thin straps launched in 2006, and this too-cute braided style is new for 2013.

I was also excited to see flip-flop soled sneaks in the mix! Did you know Havianas made these too-cool-for-school kicks? Kelly Starrett would be so proud. Slip-on sneaks are my summer go-tos in my mountain town, and I wonder where they’ll fit into my beach routine?
HavaianasWomens-Havaianas41233603591035_large_PRODUCT_ANGLE_87987 HavaianasWomens-Havaianas41233032919040_medium_PRODUCT_ANGLE_87289HavaianasWomens-Havaianas41233050036035_medium_PRODUCT_ANGLE_87622

The blue ones are even eco-friendly, made with jute!

Check out these styles and more, and nab the $1 shipping, at!

This post is sponsored by havaianas. Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy. 

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