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Feminist Ranting: It Sucks to Be a Man Too | 5 Things I Emailed

It sucks to be a man too.

The man who wrote this fundamentally altered the way I viewed my best friend’s murder(er). We were friends, coworkers, and very briefly dated. What If You’re the Guy Who Perpetuated Me Too Happening? I have a deep appreciation for him and am constantly impressed by his perspectives. He did NOT sexually assault me in any way, but I know from his stories and the journey he was going through as we were friends that toxic masculinity was a very big part of his life, including the military culture that gave him the perspective that gave me the gift of forgiveness. It sucks to be a man mired in toxic masculinity.

Both of these perspectives reflect the sentiment I shared on my facebook page re: #MeToo, which is that it shouldn’t be women’s (gays’, trans’, whatever race’s) responsibility to stand up as a victim, but society’s responsibility to hold the perpetrators accountable and demand that THEY stand up: this and this.

When I’m feminist ranting, it’s not about feminism, it’s about equality. Substitute any marginalized or discounted group for female and most of what I’ve said holds true.

More: Megyn Kelly Blasts Oreilly—do not watch his video clip if you’re not prepared to be enraged.

And what about this? I’m not sure how to feel about it, honestly. It sucks for everyone… If You Can’t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single

To end this rant on a positive note, THIS MAKES ME WANT TO INVENT SOMETHING! The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy

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