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Feel Good Friday 011113

Feel Good Friday is a roundup of the things that made me feel good or that I’m grateful for all week. Join me and leave your Feel Goods in the comments!

  • Teaser here. The big reveal: I’m so grateful for the opportunity to move to Orange County, California!
  • The return of pickup basketball! I love playing so much, and will play in as many league games as I can before I move with the phenomenal Box-n-1 basketball team.
  • Rice buddies in town! I love all the visitors …
  • Snowboarding, as in learning how and getting better.
  • Aspen. It’s an amazing place.

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3 comments for “Feel Good Friday 011113

  1. Mr. Anonymous
    January 11, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Is it too early to be thankful for soupskol??
    – Getting to be a helping hand in the big move.
    – Encouraging and therapeutic emails with friends.
    – I ride my bike every day, even during the winter, and haven’t fallen once yet!!
    – Ski breaks, days, and fun with an awesome Texan!

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