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Christmas List

My family has gotten into a wonderfully fun tradition the last couple of years where we go Christmas shopping together, after Christmas. All four us! It’s loads of fun as we team up at Last Call and Nordstrom Rack, so both the boys and girls can have a wide selection. We’ll also usually stop at Patagonia (or Whole Earth Provisions) and Athleta. The main rule? You have to pick things you wouldn’t buy yourself—so while I typically dig through the sale-on-sale racks for steals, now I get to shop the main racks and splurge on bigger purchases (so much rag & bone for me!). You also have to try on whatever Mom says.

This year, my big-purchases eyes are on the following (+ the patagonia recycled cashmere sweater we all already know I’m obsessing over)

limited list - christmas 2017


Christmas can feel so me-me-me want-y, so I really want to be cognizant about falling into a consumer trap of must-haves. My life is very full and I have an abundance of love in my life, which is what I mostly want. Experiences (travel!) too. Cute clothes to do these things in is a fabulous luxury I am lucky to enjoy.

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