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Aspen Radio Show Notes #19

Thanks for tuning in to the farewell Life in Aspen with Lyssa radio show! It’s been an incredible run on the radio, but this is the final show for Life in Aspen due to my big move to Orange County, California!

Click to stream the LAST show: Life in Aspen January 28 / or download (via

Things I talked about:

Special Segment: Garrett (@sabedog) makes a surprise guest appearance! He talks about what drew him to Aspen and what it’s like having a “real” job in Aspen—plus check out his hilarious take on the powder rule!

Songs played: Achachay’s Sunshine; John Denver’s Seasons of the Heart; Granger Smith’s Don’t Listen to the Radio and Long Way Home; Aly Tadros’ Silence and the Truth and The Fits; George Strait’s She’ll Leave You With a Smile

Belly Up Sched

WILD BELLE with Fierce Bad Rabbit / Mon, Jan 28 / 9pm / $10
I played: Keep You

PINBACK with Judgement Day / Tues, Jan 29 / 9pm / $20

ZZ WARD • DELTA RAE with Martin Harley / Wed, Jan 30 / 9pm / $20
I played: Put the Gun Down

REVEREND HORTON HEAT with Reno Divorce / Thurs, Jan 31 / 9pm / $28
I played: D is for Dangerous; Big Red Rocket of Love

THE PHARCYDE with DJ Low Key • DJ Cavem / Fri, Feb 1 / 10pm / $25

THE DARKNESS with Hell or Highwater / Sat, Feb 2 / 9pm / $35


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