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Activities | Feel Good Friday 060917

VB, FB, bike rides, yoga, Chalk, catch-ups, boy bonding with Nali pup—it was a great week of activities. Now I’m headed to the river! The river! Grateful for fun already had and fun anticipated …

Also. I was feeling insecure about any number things—because I’m a girl, mostly—last night, so much so that I literally texted a friend and told her I was going down an insecurity spiral (I was being funny but there’s obviously some truth there). This morning I went to the regular gym and was powerlifting, a cool complex that I completed at a heavy weight. We all know the gym is a happy place for me. One of the trainers, who I chat with occasionally but am not particularly close to, came over and very sincerely but without hitting on me said, “I haven’t seen you in awhile, you look awesome. You’ve clearly been working hard. You look really, really great.” And he walked away.

It was a compliment not just about my body, which could have been ugh, but recognizing the effort and strength it takes to build that body. And this is why the gym is my happy place: worth isn’t (just) on looks, worth is on work.



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