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“Jokes”, “Compliments”, and other miscellany women deal with every day | 5 (+2) Things I Emailed This Week

Dammit sometimes it sucks being a woman. No, it sucks being discounted automatically based on something innate, in this case gender, no matter who you are. I started this post a few months ago with the headline and a vague concept to rant about things that people tell me to chill out about because it’s…


So this is happening.’s Executive MBA Because I’ve always been curious, because I like to start and run businesses, because I’m a woman and feel like an MBA might help in my career, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an MBA. But school full-time doesn’t make sense—and further, the stubborn side of…

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I take being a female and boss in the corporate world seriously. Here are two incredibly different but equally important articles: Women Entrepreneurs: #WhatWeNeedtoSucceed link:   Director Level, what it takes to make it to this level