You Are My Celebrity

Author: Lyssa



Sometimes eating food at work at my desk send my stomach into a Nickelodeon GUTS-esque belly adventure. Am I going to have bathroom runs all afternoon? Hold in some gas and get bloated? I’ve been pounding kombuchas for months and popping probiotics and it helps but hasn’t altogether alleviated the belly pain. When a new…

You Can Still Benefit (from) Earth Day!

Because recycling/upcycling/donating is the best. Mail in any secondhand athletic apparel (any brand) to GRACEDBYGRIT by May 1, and you get 40% off one item! They are donating everything to the Community Resource Center in Encinitas, a center aiding women, children and victims of domestic violence. All you have to do to get the discount…

The Widowed Girl(space)friends Club

this is a terrible photo of a handsome fella, but it's indicative of how he LITERALLY carried me at times

10 years. Today, ten years have passed since my best friend was killed, an event that quite obviously changed my life. I’ve written about it plenty here. Today doesn’t hurt like other anniversaries have, but you never stop wondering what might have been. As time passes and the closeness of many of my foundational mixed-gender…