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Update: Felix Grays 10% Off! | Discount Code

I HAVE BEEN WAITING for a year to be able to offer my fellow faux celebs a discount code on my favorite nerd computer glasses, and now it’s here! 10% off Felix Gray computer glasses at this link.

I wrote about computer glasses—non-script glasses that magnify and cut down on blue light—here a year ago, and I can honestly say that I LOVE these glasses after a full year of wear, every single day, including some weekends. They’re totally awesome. I wear the Nash in Whiskey Tortoise, and they are flattering and comfortable, magnify by +.25, and cut down digital eye strain (which hurts your head and eyes, present and future).

Plus, there’s this psychological effect of putting on your glasses = get to work.

Putting on your glasses = time to read books on your iPad (current rec: I loved Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi)

Computer glasses = focus. They give you tunnel vision in a good way, while ostensibly preventing future vision problems, headaches, and sleeplessness.

Especially now that I’m the Director of Nerd Translations (aka IT Solutions), I’m a nerd. And I need my nerd computer glasses. Now, when I forget my glasses at home or work, I sorely miss them. So much so that I might need to order another pair … order yours at 10% off ($9.50) and I get $10.


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