Unconditional Love | Feel Good Friday 011918

I’ve written a lot about learning or remembering to accept unconditional love, ahem, unconditionally. (Here are a few stories from dailyhap: Smelly Travel Can Open Up a Heart, How I Got Back to Being Me Through Friendship, and A Cab to the Airport) But this past weekend and week was a welcome reminder of just how deeply I am loved.

It is my brother telling me “go with your flow” after flying to Breck to ski the full day with him but wanting to go to Vail with my bromance that night.

It is this incredible feeling of relaxation and freedom being around said bromance, where there’s no posturing, no filter, no expectation, just complete peace in each others’ company.

It is Nali’s snuggles, her slight doggie snores as she settles into my side at night.

It is cooking, sharing, sitting on the floor with a best girlfriend.

It is the support of powerful women at lunch, in texts, through DMs.

It is all around me and it is something I am happy to give and am so grateful to receive.

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