“Travels with Just a Shoulder Bag”

Just before my last-minute ski trip last weekend, I read this article about how Athleta’s CMO travels with only a shoulder bag. Um, yes. So inspired, for my Friday night-Monday morning trip I packed only my ski bag and a shoulder bag.

The shoulder bag*, similar to this Sak shopper (just a different pattern), held:

  • iPad
  • coffee traveler
  • snacks
  • beanie
  • sunglasses
  • makeup bag

*Also doubles as an overnight bag if you leave your skis once place and stay somewhere else. Also allows you to book the cheap shitty seats that don’t allow you a carry-on on United.

In my ski bag, I managed to fit skis, poles, boots, helmet and a twin self-inflating air mattress.

For clothes packed in the ski bag, I had:

  • ski pants
  • 3 pairs ski socks
  • this patagonia merino henley is currently sold out everywhere but is my current fave because you can wear it as a real shirt too
  • a pair of probably ten-year-old organic cotton lululemon wunder unders that are so perfect under ski pants I can’t imagine wearing anything else
  • another flannel
  • a bikini (never leave home without it—hot tub!)
  • 2 tanks
  • buffalo plaid vest (because winter)
  • fuzzy socks because my ugg mocs would take up too much space

Believe it or not, all of that jazz is even under 62 lbs as required by United Airlines!

I wore on the plane, as the Athleta CMO recommends, my Athleta gray skinny jeans, an Athleta ultimate side-knot tee, and athleta black plaid lumberjill shirt (they should be paying me to be this decked out… hm). The only shoes I brought were Sorel PDX wedge booties in green plaid which are simply the greatest booties of all time because they are adorable and ridiculously comfortable and can go for any occasion.

For undies, I don’t own the Athleta Renewal bra the CMO recommends, but I do own this aerie Real Me bralette that is shaped like a sports bra but gives you cleavage like a real bra, is completely seamless and so soft and comfortable while being supportive. I have no idea how it works and I don’t really care because it’s miracles for a light packer.

Yay! Skiing! (peep that Obermeyer jacket <3)

And that, my friends, is how I emulated the Athleta CMO and packed super duper light and didn’t feel any the less prepared for it! Try it!

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