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The Third Cameron Hughes Rosé

The third Cameron Hughes rosé is a Willamette Valley rosé of pinot noir (583), so I’m predisposed to love it as Willamette is a region I both love and am very familiar with … and we know how I feel about rosé in general. Secretly, this wine comes from Firesteed.

On my spectrum of favorite CH rosés, it’s in the middle: I like it less than the Napa rosé of cabernet (557), and more than the Sonoma rosé of grenache (514), both of which are sold out, so moot point, readers, and both of which I love more than any commercially available one I’ve found (yet).

Use this link to get $25 off your first Cameron Hughes order … make it rosé, obs.

With their description, it’s like they knew me!!

Crisp aromas of wild strawberries and rose petals are followed by flavors of young cherries and and watermelon candy, backed by a vibrant acidity. With just a hint of sweetness, this is a dangerously quaffable, perfect sipper for all day drinking.

Under its original label, this wine series has received “Editors’ Choice” from the Wine Enthusiast as well as Double Gold and Gold medals from the Oregon Wine Competition. At $13/bottle, this is an absolute no-brainer deal and a surefire bet to be the biggest hit at your next pool party.



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