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The Formula | Feel Good Friday 101717

For most of the late summer and fall, the weekend formula has been the same, so much so that we stopped even group texting anyone to see if they were in, and just assumed everyone would show up—and they did.

Most Sundays were marked by this Sunday morning ritual:

Somewhere between 7:42-7:56am – Marriage certificate trio wife texts me to tell me they’re on the way
8:03 – roll out of bed as I hear the garage door opening, throw on swimsuit and pre-beach clothes
8:13-8:30 – walk Nali with pregnant marriage certificate trio wife, discussing the previous night(s)’s shenanigans too loudly for the weekend hour, entertaining the entire neighborhood
8:30-8:42 – hastily throw together coffee, beach bag from last weekend, BCAAs into nalgenes, booze into coolers, blankets, and coffee cups into beach bag
8:47-9 – set up camp, which includes volleyball net and lines, difficult-up, rigging up the TV
9-9:42 – wait for friends to arrive, sometimes bearing foili-wrapped gifts otherwise known as breakfast burritos (<3 Trough)
afternoon-ish – return to the house, eat all the foods, watch the footballs on the patio AND! last Sunday! sit around the fire pit, wrapped in blankets. It’s the best.

Alas, it may have been our last volleyball Sunday for a few weeks, and we may end up sitting most of the winter out for travels and other adventures, but the formula sure is fantastic.

But lest we think that’s all I have to be grateful for, let’s also cover:

  • BABY HAT. I got to hold her when she was 8 hours old and she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. I love her.
  • The best coffee table of ever
  • I love my UGA person and am glad I got to hang out with her on Saturday even if her football team lost
  • Purple shirt huntin’
  • I love entertaining people, even if we’re all tipsy and hungry and eat all my Siete tortilla chips
  • The scooter with the flat back tire in my garage
  • Intelligent people and intelligent conversations
  • Yoga!!
  • Bromance
  • Columbus with my fam (more to come)

2 comments for “The Formula | Feel Good Friday 101717

  1. Natty B.
    December 7, 2017 at 8:51 am

    I am finally catching up on the blog and have to agree with all the Feel Goodness of this post! Best Summer Ever turned into Best Sunday Formula for sure! xoxo

    • Lyssa
      December 7, 2017 at 11:54 am

      Thank you for being an integral part of The Formula!!

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