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Portland | Feel Good Friday 040315


Do I even need to write anything? This picture says it all. These amazing chicks and I hung out for five days, had an awesome time, laughed, giggled, drove—so much driving, hiked, walked, drank wine, shared clothes, ate takeout, bought friendship bracelets, watched basketball and Neil Degrasse Tyson, shopped, and consumed absurd amounts of cheese.…

Breaks | Feel Good Friday 032715


Heh. I’m writing this too early on Monday morning as a Feel Good Friday because I was indeed taking a break—a much-needed girls weekend in Portland, Oregon. My bestie/facebook girlfriend picked me up around noon on Wednesday after a painless flight before which a stranger bought me a coffee because “you’re hot.” By Thursday morning as…

Happiness | Feel Good Friday 032015


Today is International Day of Happiness—and it’s weird for me to not be promoting that through DailyHap. So I write about it here instead, for Feel Good Friday! There’s an article I wrote pretty early on in DailyHap’s existence called Always Happy. There’s this myth that some people (me) are always happy, and that’s just not…

Football | Feel Good Friday 022015

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.56.43 AM

My team won the Beach City Sports Premier league championship this past Saturday. We were all very excited; I brought mini bottles of champagne, and we popped them to celebrate. Football has been a big part of my life in Orange County. Playing on the beach almost every weekend almost year-round has been amazing, and winning the…