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Make Your Own Derby Hat! DIY


The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday! I’m going for a bachelorette party, and we’re also attending Oaks on Friday. So I need two dresses and TWO hats and two fabulous shoes! For the 141st Kentucky Oaks, on Friday, May 1st, the theme is Think Pink in support of Churchill Downs’ official partnerships with Bright Pink and Horses…

Glam TP, Yep, as in Toilet Paper

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Y’all, this is toilet paper. I would pin this convertible!! dress in a heartbeat, not knowing it was made from TP. This is 2014’s winner, Susan Brennan, who made this insane dress out of toilet paper. Toilet paper!! Think you can top this masterpiece? You can win $10K and see your dress made into a…

A Signature Look

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.16.35 PM

A signature look is necessary. I have style for sure, but it’s not signature. 2015 = signature style. I would like my overall signature look to be skinny pants, great shoes, and a fabulous blazer. Fun tanks/tees hide underneath. On (California) winter weekends, we modify to jeans or yoga pants, a backless tee, hoodie, and sneaks…

You’re Never Too Old for a Christmas List [updated]

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Even if it really means List-of-Things-I’m-Gonna-Buy-Myself-at-After-Christmas-Sales. Because really, when it comes to gifts, I’d rather have presence than presents. Let’s gift each other spending time together—while doing cool things. Christmas Gifts that Are Not Material That I’d Like: Tickets to an NFL football game. Will travel for tickets. Wine-tasting. Catalina. Someone planning a hiking +…



Look, there are just certain places you don’t go shopping in. When in New Orleans this past weekend with my parents, my mom veered into a Chico’s having a sale. She beckoned me inside and I said, “Mom! I just turned 30, NOT FORTY!” Alas, she found a cute jacket for herself and lured me…