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You’re Never Too Old for a Christmas List [updated]

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Even if it really means List-of-Things-I’m-Gonna-Buy-Myself-at-After-Christmas-Sales. Because really, when it comes to gifts, I’d rather have presence than presents. Let’s gift each other spending time together—while doing cool things. Christmas Gifts that Are Not Material That I’d Like: Tickets to an NFL football game. Will travel for tickets. Wine-tasting. Catalina. Someone planning a hiking +…



Look, there are just certain places you don’t go shopping in. When in New Orleans this past weekend with my parents, my mom veered into a Chico’s having a sale. She beckoned me inside and I said, “Mom! I just turned 30, NOT FORTY!” Alas, she found a cute jacket for herself and lured me…

What She Wore


In this post I asked for help accessorizing the dress I was renting from Rent the Runway for a big party at the magazine. I expected to like pumps or funkier shoes, but when I tried them on before the party, I ended up liking a strappy shoe—but in bright red, naturally. I added big…


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Lately I’ve been loving black accessories—they keep a black outfit monochrome, or pull together an outfit with black pieces. Versatile and—in many finishes—unexpected, here are a few pieces I’m currently coveting. David Aubrey black jet necklace / MARC BY MARC JACOBS studded jewelry / Vince Camuto silver snake ring / Adidas kohl jewelry / JULIA…

Gold Shoes


Spoiler: You should get some. I have a pair of rose gold Sperrys, pictured, that I wear all the time (they are one of three pair of Sperrys in regular rotation, but I digress). I consider them beat up at this point and even occasionally call them my old man shoes because they have custom orthotics…

It’s Always America Time!

Red, white, and blue, star-spangled, stars-n-stripes, whatever you call it, ‘merica is always in style in clothes and accessories. We’d consider only one of these items slightly ridiculous (but plenty useful on cold winter nights). ‘merica time by lifeinaustin featuring an american flag shirt