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Surf & Crash | Feel Good Friday 111017

I surfed!!

With my besties, because they’re the only ones I feel comfortable surfing with 🙂 It was SO much fun. Now I have to gather the cajones to get out there on my own and surf …

Has it really only been a week since my last Feel Good Friday post? I can’t even tell you how many social events I crammed into a 3-day weekend (date, vb, friendsgiving, kid bday party, fire pit patio dinner, yoga, bike ride, thai food, surf, yoga again, engagement party), and then I completely and utterly crashed like I’ve never crashed before: out of the last 72 hours, I’ve slept a whopping 36 of them. That’s get up, work, go to sleep. Walk Nali on the bookends. This probably partially due to my epic weekend but also partially due to the raging changes in my bod thanks to the iud removal.

BUT! I am SO thankful for my absolutely fantastic friendships. There are such incredible people in my life and I am so grateful.

Also, I love my bed.


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