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Revealing a Secret: Betabrand Yoga Pants

I kind of don’t want to tell anyone this secret. Because for 6 months I’ve essentially been wearing sweats to work, and I don’t really want anyone to know that. Because right now NO ONE KNOWS.

So these pants are all the damn rave. Take $15 off your order of $75+ at

I bought a pair on a referral from a friend, but my first pair sucked. SUCKED! Weird fabric, not soft, too tight. [do not buy “herringbone”, it is not]

But I persisted, and my second pair … my second pair is the thing people are raving about.

So comfy! So fresh! I am not posting any pics in them because I am still hoping to slide under the radar and no one will know that I am wearing yoga pants to work.

Here’s the thing: I have comfy work pants. My BCBG slacks circa 2006 are comfy. Old Navy pixie pants are comfy (but, only good for one season before they look beat up). My blessed, amazing, most wonderful pants I own Ralph Lauren skinny cotton pants are comfy.

But what “yoga” work pants have that all of the pants listed above don’t have is something worth coveting: they don’t bag out.

They do not get saggy in the butt, or legs, or anywhere else that makes your pants look shitty after a long day of … sitting.

Which is generally what you do in work pants.

There are also the dual benefits of cool patterns—windowpane and pinstripe—and lengths! they sell them in Longs! That are actually Long enough! (and Shorts too but I have literally never needed that noise). Add on the whole stretchy-pant waist comfort-thing in case you indulged too much in office trash (here’s looking at you, Friday doughnuts) and you’re looking at some pretty sweet work pants.

Customer service bonus: After several months of trying to make the shitty-fabric pants work, they still let me return them and I got the navy pinstripe ones. Super happy. I also need this new pattern: Pebble!

Sizing note: I have a pair of Mediums and a pair of Larges. The Mediums (pinstripe) are office appropriate and look like slacks, but they are tight. No uncomfortably so, but not appropriate in a you-have-to-wear-pantyhose office. The (windowpane) Larges are definitely “too big” to do yoga in, but they fit almost like a pair of super comfy sweatpants (that don’t sag in the butt) while looking extremely appropriate for work. So much so that I tried to wear them outside of work once and a guy friend said, “why are you wearing work pants?” … uh.


Take $15 off your order of $75+ at

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