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Research List: In Search of Better, Fewer

A few years ago I implemented a strict one-in, one-out policy for clothes-buying. It was successful, but I constantly wish I would pare down more: I have a few pieces I love, love, love, and I wear them ALL THE TIME. Why bother keeping the rest? Because I might, maybe, possibly want to wear them one random time. Psychologically, I’m working on this.

Practically, I am both focusing on buying secondhand (Poshmark—some stuff even has tags! like yoga pants) and buying less but better. Meaning stuff has to sit on my Wants list for awhile before I take the leap of purchasing it—real celebs probably don’t have to make this distinction, but faux celebs like me do. Of course, I couldn’t resist some J. Crew Italian leather ballet flats on sale—my first pair was robin’s egg-blue secondhand on ThredUp (similar to Poshmark but you don’t sell your own stuff, just sell it to them) and are the most comfortable flats I have ever owned. Perfect shape, perfect support, very durable. So when they went on sale for $54, I felt good about buying a second, neutral pair.

Below are the brands I’m currently coveting: raden, mott & bow, summersalt, lo & sons, american giant (15% off referral link), citizen’s mark.

better, fewer - modern luxury



Note: I find cool new brands often through these two modern luxury sources: 2pml and LeanLuxe. If you’re interested in shopping, retail, fashion, luxury, tech … you’ll love these two newsletters.



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