You Are My Celebrity

Photo Representation | Feel Good Friday 040717

OK. So many things are encompassed by these four photos.

I had an amazing opportunity to network with some really accomplished people this week, but the coolest part about it was that no one was too cool for school—every one of these highly successfully people was down to earth and willing to talk about anything. Amazing. And getting to hang out on the floor before the Clippers-Mavs game wasn’t terrible.

The other photos are not literal but still represent a ton of change in my life—it’s hard to describe. Sure, there are people (or dogs, as the case may be) going outside of their comfort zones in ways that might look weird, but are just explorations, creativity and my entrepreneurial spirit being unleashed and challenged once again, and my continuing quest to release the hold on my identity as an athlete—by playing a sport I am so awful at, you wouldn’t know I had any talents in any other sports (sweet Graced By Grit leggings, though, right? Compliments all day! Acai Better than Everything Legging, $92 but 20% off with my Pro Deal code GBGXOPRO229). But there’s also something about these photos that captures what a transition time this is—in a lot of areas of life. Isn’t it always a transition though?

But … who wants to go to the batting cages?

Some things never change.

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