You Are My Celebrity

What to Pack When You Live in Summer and Travel to Winter

outfit 2: athleta gray jeans, patagonia striped henley, vest, sorel boots

aka you’re me or my mom, heading from Newport Beach or Austin, respectively, to Columbus, Ohio, in November. Brrrrr.

Faux celebs fly with carry-ons only, suckas!

Wear on plane:

denim athleta jeans, rag & bone tank, patagonia flannel, green plaid sorel boots (EVERYONE NEEDS A PAIR OF THESE THEY ARE BOMB and unbelievably comfortable for trekking around airports, entire college towns, and shitty college bars!)

2 jeans, 2 flannels, 2 other shirts, 2 jackets, 1 vest, 2 shoes. + beanie and scarf


I knew we weren’t doing anything “fancy”; I also knew we weren’t hiking, running, working out, or anything that I needed to pack “gym clothes” for … walking all over campus and Columbus would be our workout. You might need to add those if that’s a thing. But I also packed 2 tees and a tank I didn’t even wear, so there’s definitely room!

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