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Numerology Like a Celeb (yeah, that’s a thing)

If celebs do it, I wanna try it (remember the psychic girl experience?). So when Yogi Akal, a numerologist, invited me for a sesh, of course I said yes, with very little idea of what I was getting into. What the numerologist does—and he’s been featured in countless mags and TV shows including CNN—is use your birthday (September 1, 1984) to chart a sort of roadmap of your life.

Here’s what he had to say about mine:

“There is no superstitious value to this reading, it’s just a starting place.”

Four things he told me about myself:

1. I have a good heart, strong leadership, am decisive, and have good understanding of men. I manifest change in a physical way (thanks hamstring?), am a powerful communicator, balanced, and affectionate.
2. I am very creative—it’s a gift, but I must be careful not to overdo it.
3. One thing I must do before I leave life: have neutrality, it may be reactive to a betrayal, but “you have to find neutral place within you.”
4. Lessons: know yourself as a female –  50% of time you are 100% connected, 50% of the time you are awkward (ha!)
Where there is a lesson to be learned, you are mastering it, not letting anything go un-understood. You don’t let it go until you’ve got it, hold the tail until it’s completely taken care of.
Intuition is very important.

Does anyone else reading this blog share my exact birthday? You would share some of these things, but they might be interpreted in a slightly different way. Yogi likened it to their being similarities between all children born in Santa Fe, they will have some common experiences in life but the manifestations may look completely different.

Yogi was careful to explain that this “roadmap” does’t define you but is a guide. “It’s like the weather report. Everyone cares about the weather.”

He had this to say about this year: “It’s a good year to be in balance, negative and positive, you have the ability to accept change, lots of changes to come, be patient. You’ll want some time alone, because you are growing, and growing needs time alone.

… next year is a completely different universe, new relationships, seasons … next year is completely different.”

He also made sure to note: when something physical happens, you’re in the midst of a shift. Uh, thanks hamstring.

How did Yogi get into all this? “I got involved to prove someone else wrong, I thought it was silly, I started researching. Then I became much more annoying than they ever were.” He now consults, teaches a 2-year numerology program online (, and considers his work the counseling branch of yoga (he is also a master yogi). In the media, he often uses numerology to discuss celebrity relationships and compatibility.

I never have paid much attention to the weather report—I’m more of a go-outisde-and-see-how-it-feels type. But if is open in front of me, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a look. So thanks, Yogi, for putting the weather report in front of me. Celebs, if you’re interested in more, you can click over to

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