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How am I Not Myself? | Feel Good Friday 081117

How am I not myself? h/t Dark & Stormy/BT for showing me I Heart Huckabees (which, truth be told, I kind of hated); yes, I’ve used this line before here.

… Someone asked me what my priorities were the other day, and I was surprised to find out that I was a little stumped.


The secret to office happiness isn’t working less—it’s caring less

Right now (this post is scheduled) I’m in Lake Tahoe for a long weekend of boating, off-roading, boating, and … more boating. A great reminder of how to vacation properly:

Just as a gratitude recap, BEST SUNDAY EVER was indeed pretty epic, with great vb in the morning, an unscheduled visit to the Hi-Times chili cook-off, and then the LOVE AND THEFT (this is the best album) redemption concert I was so jazzed on. Super fun, I was super happy—but pro tip: never buy tickets to Sealegs Live! There is no need; you can see and hear just as well from the free seats across the bike path, and bring your own booze. But then you wouldn’t get the sweet, sweet WHITE GIRL FROSE cup I got… other things I’m grateful for include moonlight hiking, marriage certificate trio, GoT, and hitting a 20-rep max back squat at 215 em-effing pounds. That’s insane. I feel insane. Actually, that’s not true, all I feel is pain.

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