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Nali | Feel Good Friday 032417

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve no doubt seen me chronicling the trials and tribulations of Nali getting bit at dog beach last Sunday. I think it was far more traumatic for me than her, as she remained as cool as a cucumber while I struggled to hold it together.

After ten years together, she’s been on multi-day backpacking adventures, scrambled up boulders, hiked double-digit miles, endured a cold car for hours on end, but never been injured, so I was unfamiliar with this particular sensation of fear and helplessness. She’s a dog! How do I know how hurt she really is??

In the end, I took her to Central Orange County Emergency Vet and they were wonderful—fast, attentive, sympathetic, and reasonably priced. She’s spent her recovery days at the Bone Adventure, where, they tell me, the other dogs are jealous of her inflatable necklace of badassery… I am so thankful for what good care they take of my puppy.

I’m grateful for this dang dawg, and that the dog bite only ended in this relatively minor injury.

Also, should you need an inflatable necklace of badassery (aka cone of shame, aka e-collar, inflatable e-collar, whatever), I highly recommend this super simple, cheap Kong from Amazon.

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