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Missing Texas: Crawfish and Texas Country

There are many things I never knew were Texan until I left—saying “fixin’ to”, describing distances in minutes instead of miles, making small talk with grocery store cashiers—but there were others I knew I’d miss: Texas country, crawfish (it may be Cajun but we host Crawfish Boils like no one else, even when it’s 1,000 degrees outside), toobing, and the-bigger-the-better hair. So when I got a press release announcing the 27th annual Texas Crawfish and Music Festival, not only was I nostalgic but I pondered how I had missed this in my previous 28 years of life?! I’m only a year older than this festival, yet I’ve never been!

I digress. The lasts two weekends, April 19-21 and 26-28, in historic Old Town Spring, Texas. In addition to spicy crawfish and a carnival, the music lineup, especially for the first weekend, it absolutely top-notch. Tickets are only $10!!! Check it:

crawfish festival musical lineup

For the complete schedule, check the website. I think weekend one is better than weekend two, buuuuut the second weekend, my friend Bri Bagwell will be performing! Girl rocks. Getcher tickets now!

HA! BONUS: Fellow crawfish lover Uncle Si from the A&E series “Duck Dynasty” (I still haven’t seen it!) will attend the festival as a special guest on Saturday, April 20. Share mudbugs with one of TV’s most colorful characters on April 20th from 1p to 4p, where Uncle Si will be available for photos and a meet-and-greet with the crowd.

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