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Mas Equality | Four Things I Emailed This Week

Nails it: “… sexual harassment may entail behaviors that on their own would be criminal — assault or rape — but the legal definition of its harm is about the systemic disadvantaging of a gender in the public and professional sphere”. This Moment Isn’t Just About Sex. I mean:

What makes women vulnerable is not their carnal violability, but rather the way that their worth has been understood as fundamentally erotic, ornamental; that they have not been taken seriously as equals; that they have been treated as some ancillary reward that comes with the kinds of power men are taught to reach for and are valued for achieving.


I intentionally titled this post “equality” instead of feminism because if you take nothing from the quote and article above, it is this: harassment—based on gender, color, sexual orientation—is systemic oppression and fighting on any front is about equality, not about gender, color, sexual orientation.

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Lastly, an instagram follow recommendation (this may be my first?): @thenorareport – you may not agree with everything she posts, but she posts thought-provoking content no matter where you stand (she has also been cyberbullied for being feminist, so…)

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