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Mama Dives for a Flag | Feel Good Friday 110317

To me, it was no big deal. My mama has been filling in for me in desperate sports situations for years—she still talks about the time I made her play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in high school. So to ask her to play in two beach flag football games seemed totally reasonable to me… and she did awesome. Everyone on the teams loved her, she pulled flags and caught passes, and had a blast.

She declined to play a third game.

It is a big deal though—I’m grateful for such an active, adventurous, down-for-anything role model mama.

Other things I’m grateful for this week: mani/pedis with Natty & mom at a new salon (more on that in another post soon, there’s a new gel technology in the world and so far it’s awesome), lazy Sunday with my boys followed by obligatory fire pit patio sit, Aspen besties in town, these freakin’ athleta jeans are just so good, my mood stabilizing because it seems the horror of the IUD crash has abated, and, as always, yoga and the gym.

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