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Lisse Leggings + A Summer How-to-Wear

Leggings … that most-lambasted, favored by many a starlet, pants-substitute. It took me a little while to come around to the legging (and even longer to accept jeggings as part of my life). As summer approaches, what, erm, leg does the legging have to stand on?

See, summer leggings are what caused my initial legging fears to begin with. Cropped leggings are NOT flattering. They cut off the leg and make you appear shorter and chunkier, which no woman in her right mind wants. Don’t throw a dress/skirt/long shirt that might be a dress over leggings and think it makes you look chic in the summer. Stick to long leggings, will ya?

Bad leggings:

Bad summer leggings

In the summer, leggings can still be worn at night with summer-weight boots and flowy tops. They can also be worn with heels or flats if you have the legs.

Good leggings:

good summer leggings

See how they all have on longer, flowier tops, leggings, and heels? This is a win.

Winter-weight leggings are not going to be comfy in the summer, so find a cotton (or cotton-spandex) pair that still has an appropriate thickness. If you bend your knee and see skin, any skin, it’s not appropriately thick.

Suggestion: I recently tried a new line of “control top” leggings with a 5″ waistband designed to eliminate muffin top, which can be an issue with more comfortable low-rise leggings. Lisse Leggings manage to be lightweight but sturdy, suck-you-in but not uncomfortable, and chic. The legging is 86% cotton / 14% spandex with an inner control panel of
86% polyester / 14% spandex.

Lisse legging

Leggings should be comfy and smoking hot, and Lisse Leggings manage to do just that. I consider the pair above to be my “dress” leggings, while my lululemons are my “everyday” leggings. Again, no crops unless you’re working out. We want to keep our legs looking long and lean, here, ladies!

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  1. April 17, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Absolutely love their look and am going to try to pull it off. I’ve got the top, I just need the right weight of leggings.

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