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Get Sexy Month

November is Get Sexy Month! A few friends and I were doing a “sober November”, where the only guidelines were to not drink, work out together, and get sexy! Despite its name, Get Sexy Month is technically over—while we called it a month, it was really only from Nov 1 – Thanksgiving (November 22). As this is the end, let’s talk about how it went.

I decided Get Sexy Month would include not only no booze, but no boys and no body image issues. A recap of all three follows …

No Booze: Our group guidelines were simply not to drink. I was the only one who didn’t drink until Thanksgiving. Then, I had some red wine and champagne. Then, while my dad was here, I drank some cocktails out and ate my weight in Paradise Bakery chippers (mini chocolate chip oatmeal cookies)—not booze, obvi, but not healthy either. My new rule? No drinking at home alone. Lest that make me sound alcoholic, know that I’m quite partial to a glass of red wine while I cook, then perhaps another while I watch my TV shows. So this really is a substantial rule change.

No Boys: My friends had quite a laugh with this one. But I didn’t mean no boys per se, just no stressing about boys! I’ve always loved love, dating, and boys. With the Vermonster, I loved being consistently in love. But since I’ve been single, I’ve been stressing too much—not about anyone, just about the future, the past, and the meaning of it all. The first week, I constantly had to remind myself NO BOYS NO BOYS NO BOYS, but it got easier, and not stressing is, as you might imagine, SO much nicer than stressing!

No Body Image Issues: The rule: I will not judge my body, I will not think or say a single negative comment about my body, and I will not lament something I’m wearing because of how I look in it (for the record, this does NOT mean I will forget how to dress for body). As a Virgo perfectionist, I expected this to be one of the biggest challenges, but it came surprisingly easily. A few days of looking in the mirror and reminding myself to be pleased completely changed how I view my body. The positive changes from not drinking and not stressing an re-joining CrossFit probably helped too, but the mental change is the most noticeable. It’s wonderful to be in positive relationship with your body and looks. And that positive attitude helps create those physical changes. 

Get Sexy Month was a total success for me. I will carry these principles through the rest of the year … think of it like a cleanse for the soul—and I may even have to do it again!

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