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“Mom,” I said, rehashing a recent OC party I attended, “Everything was fake. Fake boobs, fake faces, fake …”

“Eyelashes?” she asked.


See, Mom knew that at the urging of a coworker, I had gone to get eyelash extensions at LashSpot Spas  in Newport Beach. For every inch I got blessed in leg length, mm were taken from my eyelashes. They’re midget-y at best. I tried Latisse, but I got the weird pinky-red eyelid line and couldn’t deal (that and it can’t be good for you). I tried an over-the-counter lash enhancer that worked somewhat less well than Latisse but was more expensive, so I couldn’t deal with that either. I’d recently settled on using two types of mascara, which somehow seems to work better than one—so the celebs say, anyway.

So in the end, I did it. I got eyelash extensions.

Mom is jealous, btw.

before-after-eyelash-extensions<— not me

After five days, I can honestly say it’s been pretty phenomenal. I don’t have to put on makeup! See, the only makeup I wear daily is mascara, so eliminating the need for mascara eliminates the need for makeup. But when I do wear makeup, it’s even more striking. I can even look pretty playing sports! And not have to think about work mascara running into my eyes during after-work workouts!

Now. We know that when it comes to beauty, I’m chemical-free, or as natural as possible. The glue used on the extensions glues to your individual lashes instead of the skin, so hypothetically less toxins are absorbed (you’re still messing with the highly-sensitive eye area). LashSpot only uses premium silk or mink lashes that are animal cruelty free, made of a synthetic material to emulate a silk or mink material.

I’m willing to be lenient here, for what the results have been so far. After a two-hour initial appointment, touch-ups will be 45 minutes every 2-3 weeks (I’ll keep you posted on how that goes). The extension experience itself is easy and surprisingly pleasant thanks to LashSpot’s spa vibe—far better than endless hours in a salon getting your brunette hair turned blonde (never again). The technicians/aestheticians are sweet, professional, and meticulous (key!). I was very impressed with the lash length Maureen, my technician, chose for me: she nailed the “I’m a tomboy” born-with-naturally-amazing-lashes look—as opposed to the K-Dash Lash, too over the top for me. With the eyelash extensions, it’s very important to be clear with your stylist up front about the look you’re going for!

Also. I’ve been hit on every single day I’ve had the lashes—and not by homies being all, “hey girl, your lashes look fly.” So if that’s what you’re going for … it definitely works. Keep ya posted …

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  1. August 12, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    i agree great smile, totally amazing smile

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