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Let’s Talk About Hickeys … or G2 Organics

hickey stick concealer

I bruise easily.

Just sayin’.

Thankfully, I haven’t had a code red emergency hickey cover sesh since I was dating two guys one summer in college … wait, did I just reveal something?

However, I do sometimes get rather unfortunate blemishes, usually smack dab somewhere noticeable (we can talk about this face map another time). Enter The Hickey Stick, a high performance all-natural cover-up stick from


Step 1: Cover the hickey with the “primer”
Step 2: “paint” on the color with the 2nd stick to neutralize the hickey.

The only other concealer I’ve ever used was a hand-me-down from my mom. Despite my beauty editor past, I am still sometimes a rookie. I’ve stayed away from concealers because they seem like a lot of WORK, and too time consuming to blend and make look naturaul but this Hickey Stick two-step can cover up anything lickety-split, and without lots of blending work. I love it! They say it works well with all skin tones because the two shades are blended together to create a match for your complexion. The formula is even Reiki charged for good energy.

20121221-124854.jpgCherie Corso is the creator of g2 Organics, a former model, and mom. I love her happiness-based approach to beauty and what she has to say specifically about clean beauty:

“Toxins are all around us, no need to apply them to our body … Beauty does start from within and that is why energies are so important … When you feel good you look good and if you trust the products you put on your body it’s even better. Nobody can use everything 100% organic, but a few changes do help. When the skin is blocked by heavy chemicals it can naturally detoxify.”

And her DailyHap-style advice:

“I love to laugh and have fun, when you’re happy and feel good and all your Chakras are in line the world is yours, you will radiate a energy that can’t be bottled and sold. A person that feels healthy and unblocked will attract happier people in their life, the vibration of how you feel will radiate in how you look.”



1 comment for “Let’s Talk About Hickeys … or G2 Organics

  1. MaMa
    January 15, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    I love this product, I know it says Hickey on the label but we use it on everything to cover pimples, bug bites and more. I never thought in a million years my son would say “hey mom where is the Hickey Stick” but its all good.

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