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Fitspiration: Know Your Limits

This article says much more eloquently (and from a man’s perspective no less) what I have long felt about “fitpiration” photos:

Interestingly enough, however, what resonated with me today was point 4, know your limits.

I thought I KNEW.

“The trick is to know your limits. Pain is helpful in this regard. Of course, there’s pain and there’s pain, but part of being healthy is knowing the difference.”

I thought I was really healthy about my body, my exercise, my limits. I thought I was self-aware. And respectful of my own bod.

And then I basically tore my own hamstring. Not just tore it by slipping in a bowling lane (ahem) or down a slippery slope (ha), but tore my own.

(I blame it on California. And fair traffic.)

By the strength of my ego, my desire to “achieve” touching my head to the ground, and my muscular strength, I pulled a hamstring that didn’t want to go past the point it was able to go—and it tore.

So amongst all the other freakin’ lessons I’m learning, gotta add that in: know your limits. Be honest with YOURSELF about your limits.

How’s that for some REAL fitspiration?

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