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Feel Good Friday 080417 | 6 Lists

What I’m watching: (it’s a nice contrast)

  • Insecure
  • Ballers
  • Suits

What I’m boozing: (no surprises here)

What I’m wearing: (aka wanting to buy more of)

What I’m listening to: (new bands from my friend’s playlist)

  • Dawes
  • Bronze Radio Return

What I’m excited about: (there’s more than what’s on here)

  • Fall flag football
  • improved gas fire pit
  • upcoming outdoor adventures: Baldy, Tahoe, Big Sur

What I’m working on at work: (new role is real, y’all)

  • Won my first deal from start to finish
  • Implementing my first deal
  • Messing up some stuff and moving on


I’m grateful for the regular, the routine. It’s hard sometimes not to feel restless when weeks look similar, but there’s a lot of beauty in that too. Especially when the routine includes sun-soaked days at the beach, sweat and salt and laughter playing volleyball and swimming in the ocean, yoga and the gym and bike rides and epic group texts about everything large to small.

Parting thought:

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