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Family, Office Closet, and The Most Spontaneous Trip | Feel Good Friday 011218

The chain of events leading me to going to Breckenridge RIGHT NOW is a convoluted one at best. It involves an amazing crashing of circumstances that include but are not limited to an office desk eviction, a different planned last minute ski trip, airline miles that aren’t mine, an air mattress packed in my ski bag, having no clue that Vail is 20 mins from Breck, and, mostly, wanting to hang with my awesome fam—my brother and cousin. I am so excited! And skiing!!

It basically overshadows everything else that went on this week, which included transforming my guestroom closet into a mini office (pretty sweet), hauling an awesome painting back from Texas to hang over my bed, and a whole heckuva lot of worry about my mama who is okay now but was in the hospital earlier this week–that lady is a damn superhero, so it’s scary when she’s down for the count.

Oh, and of course there was also that epic road trip return with my dad, which was hilarious and surprisingly easy, just like the trip out to Texas was. I highly recommend taking I-8 until it turns into I-10, there is some beautiful scenery down by Mexico, and the Dunes are a weird, wacky thing to behold.

Peep my new Christmas-present Texans hoodie and beanie! I love them; you can buy the hoodie here and beanie here.

I’m also grateful for texts about Charles the carrier pigeon, amazing avocados left on my porch for me, and a beach rainbow.

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