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Fam Bam | Feel Good Friday 112417 + Thanksgiving Gratitude

This is one of the hardest gratitude lists I’ve had to write because I just had to leave Nali at the emergency dog hospital for pancreatitis and I am grateful that it’s not worse and I am grateful that she’s gonna be fine and all that but really I am just a damn wreck and can’t stop crying because that’s my little bub and she’s never even sick so to have to leave her overnight in a hospital feels just impossible. But here we are.

And this post was SUPPOSED to be about my family and how awesome they are. And thank goodness they’re here this weekend and my mom sat in the ER with me for hours and my family really rallied around me but they’re also awesome NOT in a crisis and that’s what this was supposed to be about.

Speaking of awesome in a crisis … I think I cried as much because my friends were so awesome as I did because I am terrified about Nali. Friend Vet John literally saved my conscience. SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT PERSON.

But before all this … the post I had primed before this happened talked about being thankful and grateful for my wonderful, amazing fam sans pet trauma. Ohio State visit family. Fam in town visit family. Baby cousin visit family who at age 5+ is not that much a baby anymore. My family is freaking amazing! Such great people.

And so. Grateful for my family. For my pup who has been my family. For the people who have been my family before and now and will be in the future. For anyone who has ever loved Nali. You are all my family, and I am grateful for you all. Happy thanksgiving, and I will continue to give thanks for you.

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