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FaceMate and The Bachelor and a Spoiler

Aside from when Austinite/bar-owner/friend-of-friends Brad Womack was the Bachelor (erm, twice), and a tabloid paid me money to spy on him (yes!), I pay very little attention to The Bachelor. I do, however, love love, dating, and all that jazz. So this press release arrived, and I laughed out loud: “In advance of The Bachelor’s final episode [which might be next Monday, unsure, and ABC needs to work on their website since I couldn’t find it in a quick perusal], I thought you might be interested in the following prediction from Find You FaceMate founder Christina Bloom. Find Your FaceMate (, a free dating site that helps singles find love based on similar facial features, correctly predicted Sean’s four finalists at the start of the season.” Word.

Online dating via facial similarity. I guess it’s not that different than dating for religion? Software examines 67 different points on the face including cheeks, lips, and overall facial structure.

As an aside: why is there no tool where you can upload existing photos? What if CHANNING TATUM is really my soulmate and we’ll never know because he married Jenna and is not on

I digress. Let’s allow the photos to speak for themselves.

AshLee Catherine The Bachelor

After running Sean’s photo against the finalists, Bloom determined that AshLee (I researched that capitalization) is the strongest facial match. Well, she’s on the left but she got kicked off the show last week. Pictured is Catherine … I think that might be a spoiler? Quit reading! Oh, damn. Bloom does not believe that Lindsay or Catherine are good facemates for Sean and that a relationship with either contestant won’t last.


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