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Existential Questions | Feel Good Friday 092117

  1. What DO I want to do? (launch a company? run a company? live in a cabin in the wilderness? these are the kinds of things that come up when you’re at a b-school offsite and everyone wants to know what you do and what you do on the side and why you’re in b-school to begin with, and when they work on quantum computing for fun “I play a lot of beach sports” sounds really sort of banal)
  2. Where DO I want to live? (DC is amazing and bustling and next to a river and walkable everywhere with cute tiny houses…)
  3. Why on earth am I trying to use bumble to meet people and/or why did I swipe right on my 8th-grade ex-boyfriend when I saw him on bumble in DC? (which really minimizes his importance in my life, as we are dear friends to this day, we also went to college together, he’s friends with my family, and we have stayed somewhat in touch; also I’ve quit bumble at least 7 times but how else do people meet people when they’ve already dated too many people in their aforementioned beach sports circle?)
  4. Are friends really family? (Yes.)
  5. But seriously, what do I want to do with my life?

This is what came out of my awesome weekend in DC with one of my best friends in the whole world. I can’t wait to go back for the next offsite.

9 other key but less existential takeaways and DC recommendations:

  1. Smartly is awesome.
  2. Nerds are great, give them time to warm up.
  3. Visit Maggie Malick Wine Caves.
  4. Do not visit George Washington’s Distillery. Not only is it not the original one (a replica), but they don’t serve the hooch there. Tell me, what is the point of visiting a distillery an hour away from DC that does not serve its own sauce? There isn’t one.
  5. Eat at Cava Mezze. Order the octopus. OMG.
  6. Eat at Chupacabra. All the tacos. The guac too.
  7. Do not, I repeat, do NOT go to the Georgetown bar your ladyboy server recommends even if you are challenged to a makeout competition and you think it might be like shooting fish in a barrel. YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR IT. (You are also too old for makeout competitions but clearly I’m not here to judge) The Tombs is not for you.
  8. Do your yoga in the cutest lil studio of ever: Eastside Yoga.
  9. Wouldn’t be a trip to DC without a cruise on a Capital Bike Share 700-pound bike—quickest way to break an unnecessary sweat getting down the mall and up that damn capitol hill.


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