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Endless Summer To-Do List (2013)

It’s beginning to feel like summer in SoCal! It starts early … never ends … as a noob, I’ve got plenty of must-do things on my list. Here’s a running tab…

Endless Summer To-Do List

  1. Learn to surf. Duh.20130506-171144.jpg
  2. Drink wine on the patio with friends.
  3. Get better at beach volleyball. Take lessons?
  4. Find a doubles partner.
  5. Rock climb outdoors.
  6. Visit Catalina Island.
  7. Temecula. And other wineries.
  8. Make it to San Fran.
  9. And San Diego.
  10. And Santa Barbara.
  11. And maybe even Mexico.
  12. Make my own sunscreen with essential oils.
  13. Try the Oaxacan tamale in the Feb issue of Orange Coast mag—read item #13.
  14. Snatch more than 105#.
  15. Abs.
  16. Angels game. LA Temptation (LFL) game.
  17. Buy a beach cruiser.
  18. Avoid sunburn.
  19. Camp. Preferably on the beach.
  20. Make buffalo dogs around the infamous fire pits (I think I need a crew for this one)
  21. Get over fear of Balboa Island.
  22. Garden?
  23. At least wash car.
  24. Horse racing at Del Mar.
  25. Learn to golf.
  26. At least go to the driving range.
  27. Plan an out-of-country trip.
  28. Avoid competing in exercising.
  29. But go watch the CrossFit Games?
  30. And definitely dominate in beach football.
  31. Splits.
  32. Theme party (ies)
  33. Duffy
  34. Shoot guns (*with Papa Wang)
  35. Party bus ride on Kevin’s bus
  36. Free Movie Mondays! 7/22 Lion King & 8/5 Evita are Musts.
  37. Mission at San Juan Capistrano

ps – I hate the phrase Bucket List. Unclear why. Just do. So this is indeed a summer bucket list (so hot right now!) but I wanted to name it something better.

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  1. Mr. Anonymous
    May 8, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    4. I’m in CO ;-). GARDEN and GOLF?!

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