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Eat ALLLLLL the casseroles | Feel Good Friday 040116

This is not even an April Fool’s joke. I really did eat all the casseroles this week. All week.

I am digging the casserole.

You know what’s annoying?

Food prep really makes life a LOT easier. It makes meals foolproof. It saves money. And calories. And it makes me happy.

Here are the three recipes I got down on this week:

  1. Buffalo Chicken Casserole, a delicious recipe but I still prefer the original Pizza Spaghetti Pie.
  2. My Sweet Potato Eggplant Lasagna.
  3. A breakfast casserole with veggies, egg, bacon, ground beef, and tapioca flour—prepared for me by someone else, and way better than expected!

Thus, I am grateful that I made the effort last Sunday night to make these delicious casseroles to eat all week this week.

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