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Compliment or Insult: Yoga Edition

I hesitate to even label this a Compliment or Insult but it’s kinda too funny to skip …

We know I’m both an avid lifter and yogi, and Shannon is one of my favorite yoga teachers, and I’m at her Tuesday/Thursday 7:15am class on a more regular schedule than anything else in my life—except maybe work. So this particular morning, I’m feeling good: I’ve just done the full expression of hurdler’s pose, I’m sweaty af but feeling open. Just crushing stuff. So she moves us from Camel pose by some transition I’ve never even seen into some insane looking pose I later google and find out is “one expression of King Pigeon pose” which looks nothing like the King Pigeon pose I am capable of doing and it is so impressive when she demos it that I say “holy shit!” which is probably not appropriate for a yoga room.

Nonetheless, I’m crushing stuff, I can do this.

And I can—the wrong way. I can backbend from Camel onto my head (cool! didn’t know I could that!) but that’s not how you do this shit right, so Shannon comes over to help me and I’m like yeah I got this. I did not. I did not got Kapotasana. In fact, I couldn’t even get my stinkin’ hands down to the ground!

I came out of the pose and asked Shannon, “why can’t I do that?”

She kinda shrugged and said, “Your shoulders. They’re really built.”


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