You Are My Celebrity




Squat: 3×5 @ 265 lbs today. The last time I tested my 1RM, it was 275#. I can’t wait to re-test, but first, I’m angling to get that weight for a 3×5. Thanks CrossFitFootball/Power Athlete.

I Play Like a Girl

If there is a poster child for #IPlayLikeAGirl, it is me. Here’s me, just making history like a faux celeb trying out for a football team. I’ve actually made this point a bunch of times in conversation: I don’t want to play football like a man, I want to play football like a woman. It’s…

All White Errrrrythang


When you spend much of your life in the gym aka consuming protein shakes, you gotta get it right. You’re already using SFH grassfed whey (10% off with code ‘lifein’ which basically = free shipping), but your shake needs might be becoming unwieldy. I recently bought the genius ProStak BlenderBottle from SFH (here, $14) and…

Gainzzzz (or, Thanks Power Athlete HQ!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.52.50 PM

If progress motivates … I am at full motivation. About 2.5 months ago, I started working out at a “regular gym” (ie, not a CrossFit gym), following Power Athlete’s CrossFit Football Amateur programming pretty closely (my roommate is CFFB/Power Athlete staff and amazing at life/lifting, so this is helpful). The main reasons: I want to…

Wade’s Day


Neuroblastoma is an aggressive form of pediatric cancer. Wade’s Army is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting against this form of deadly disease and remembering Wade DeBruin and his battle. The goal is to fund research and bring support to the brave children and families affected by this fatal pediatric cancer. November 12 is Wade’s…

Baby’s First Stitches


Avoid distracted commuting. (See more at I learned a lot of things on Sunday. I crashed my bike into a parked car (in the bike lane, to be fair) while trying to grab crumbles of homemade protein bar out of the above plastic baggy. The car suffered only a broken taillight. I suffered only a deep…



(No)Bake Your Own Protein Bar Protein bars are an integral part of life for any athlete, and more and more for regular people. Protein is critical to staying lean, energized, and healthy. But commercial protein bars can be as bad for you as candy bars, and filled with all sorts of crazy stuff. I found…