You Are My Celebrity

But who are YOU?

5-word answer: The Girl of Two Shoes

this blog:

Here’s how this new blog title went down:

Me: I need to figure out what to do with my blog now that I don’t live in Austin.
Cait: Yeah, because you write about good stuff, but you’re not a celebrity so it’s not like you can just write random stuff and have people care.
Me: I’m not?
Cait: You are my celebrity!
:::::::::::magic happens::::::::::::
A blog is born.

You Are My Celebrity celebrates glitz, glam, and the gym like a celeb. Celebrities take care of themselves—it is their job after all—and we could all take a page from their book of putting themselves first. This blog is still about enjoying life, doing awesome things, loving whatever it is you’re doing, and being grateful for it all.

You, reader, are my celebrity. We are all celebrities, and we will celebrate all the same things you got from the old blogs—fitness, fashion, things to do, shopping, beauty, eating, boozing, traveling, life in general, gratitude and Feel Good Fridays, my dog—as well as anything else that falls into the category of things celebrities do—they’re just like you! 

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I am 32 and feel much younger than that sounds. I own a house but still eat wine and popcorn for dinner—on the reg. I do have an absurd amount of high-heeled shoes, which stands for something. But also, hoodies. Professionally, I founded happiness website, run the global digital department for Alorica, build brands, and create content.

this old blog(s):

See, this is the blog formerly known as this is life in austin & aspen, which WAS formerly known at this is life in austin until I partially moved and then full-on moved to Aspen, Colorado. This blog’s first post was December 27, 2007: a post talking about how I don’t like blogging. Hrmph. Its goal was to share all the cool things I do and see with whoever wanted to read, so then everyone else can do the cool things I do! [Update] THEN I moved to Orange County, California. Luckily, the name You Are My Celebrity is still so apropos.

Yes, I like adventures. was a CrossFit blog launched on February 11, 2010 as just another one of those CrossFit blogs. It began as I started seriously working out with CrossFit, and continued as an ode to the gym, eating (sometimes experimentally), yoga, and more health-n-fitness stuff as I veered away from strictly practicing CrossFit, though I still love and train in “the sport of fitness.”

Thanks to the wonders of technologies, all the posts from AND have made their way with their comments to this blog! Wahoo, we’re all here, let’s party!

Questions, comments, concerns, news, ideas, schemes?

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