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Does my body look good, or is it just my jeans?

I was staying with my lifelong facebook girlfriend and her husband on a recent weekend when she received a fresh Athleta shipment containing some new skinny jeans. Boring boring new skinny jeans who hasn’t launched those? I thought at first. BUT HOLY COW the skinny jeans are the holy grail of skinny jeans. You know how everyone thought it was gonna be Mott & Bow that changed the skinny jean game? Maybe if you’re skinny and like lounging around with a scowl on your face because you’re uncomfortable but if you like being able to DO things and not really feel like you’re wearing pants, your holy grail is the Athleta Scupltek Skinny Jeans. The end.

Everyone who has seen these jeans has loved them. And most have ordered them ($98). Facebook gf ordered both colors. I went back to order gray (I have dark denim) and they are SOLD OUT in my size. Waaaaaah.

Also I have looked in the mirror multiple times and wondered if I’ve lost weight and then realized nah that’s silly I’m just wearing some damn good jeans.

Fit, they say:

  • Fitted, High rise, Skinny leg
  • Fits next to the skin, fits slim through the leg and eases up at the calf, sits right below your navel
  • Inseam: Regular: 29.5″ Petite: 27.5″ Tall: 32.5″

Fit, I say:

    • Mid-rise (below belly button), slightly big in the waist for this athletic bod but don’t stretch out AT ALL (miracles!) so they’re not gap-y, just not tight. It’s nice.
    • I agree (see: don’t stretch out! miracles!)
    • I love that this shorter inseam is the Tall length (which would normally be 33-34″), because it makes the jeans hit in the perfect spot right below the ankle—VERY intentional with the length.

If anyone finds any gray 6Ts running around they don’t want, hook a sister up, would ya?

UPDATE! Managed to find these on a random sunday night on the athleta site. HELL YEAH! Super obsessed with gray now. And denim. And basically just these jeans all around. Obsessed.

UPDATE REDUX! Athleta is now offering 20% off one item with a personal referral. So click this link for 20% off the best jeans of ever.


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